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Diamond Consultants

Beautiful "Ideal Cut" Diamonds

Use our expertise to buy the perfect "Ideal Cut" diamond
The Brilliance is aleays in the Cut


Let us buy for you

With our 50 years of experience in diamond procurement and advanced diamond grading :

We can find the most technically perfect diamond for you at keener prices than buying at a retail store or on the internet.

With the limited knowledge most members of the public have of high performance diamonds we believe it is close to impossible for the average consumer to buy quality cost effective diamonds

What we are offering

Jarred + Morgan Diamond Consultants is offering consumers a specialised diamond buying service that will guarrenttee a lower price and higher quality diamond than trying to buy yourself. Why do we say this, We have fifty years experience in Diamond Production, Diamond Grading, were pioneers in Internet Diamond distribution, Now fifty years on we can harness this expertise to offer consumers a service that gaurrentees a brilliant perfectly cut diamond piece within there budget

We address these very important issues when procuring your diamond 

The metal used for the piece: Gold, Platinum, Titanium etc

What is the budget 

Should I buy a round brilliant or a fancy shape? 

Which grading laboratory certification should I choose? 

What diamond quality should I purchase? 

Should I consider a diamond on the internet? 

And many many more… 

JMorgan Diamond Consultants is your unbiased 3rd party consultant who will effectivly cost you nothing in the end while you enjoy an unbeatable price and quality 

We guarantee that you will save the cost of our service on your diamond purchase or our service is free.

Why we believe you need our Services


Do you fully understand the implications of ? 

Brilliance & Price

Diamond Proportions =Light Return
Optical Symmetry = Visual Performance
Brand Name and Marketing Efforts = Price

Ideal Cut

Total depth between 59 – 61.8%
Table diameter between 53 – 57.5%
Crown angle between 34.3 – 34.9 degrees
Pavilion angle between 40.6 – 40.9 degrees
Girdle thickness between Thin, Medium & Slightly Thick, Faceted
Culet Size: GIA “none” or AGS “pointed” (same thing in real life

NB. There is an Inverse relationship between crown & pavilion angles were if the one is steeper, than the other must be shallower in an extreemly critical ratio to achieve the same optical effect.

What you must know

Cut Proportions

Cut proportions are the single most important factor when considering which diamond to buy.The cut proportions determine the brilliance and fire of the diamond and therefore the value

Lab Reports

Laboratory reports are extreemly important to consumers, BUT not all reports are equal. There can be huge diffences when comparing one report with another, Our vast experience has shown us which reports to avoid and which are accurate

Online Shopping

On line shopping is not a bad opinion in terms of price, but you do need to be able to accurately interpret Lab Reports

Retail Store Shopping

Retail shopping is usually your worst option for sorcing a quality diamond at a good price due to high overheads and very limited available stock, The artificial quartz lighting in many stores can have a 

The Diamond or the Setting

Were does the value lie? In the setting or the diamond. The value lies in the diamond so it makes sense to consentrate on getting the best value for money on the diamond. So often consumers will buy a beatifull setting and skimp on the diamond and end up very disappointed

Total Commitment

We offer a total commitment to your jewelley piece and will make certain you recieve a Brilliant, Fiery, perfectly cut diamond and a beutifully finshed jewelley piece, ( see some of our finished projects)

Blood Diamonds

The diamonds we procure are carefully selected for quality always making sure they originate from ligitimate sources.
On all locally cut stones we are able to confirm that Kimberly process certificates have been issued. All imported diamonds are only sourced from De Beers site holders, Canadamark or Russian Alrosa origen

Custom Cutting

Custom cutting is an interesting option we have in South Africa.
We can select a rough diamond then have it cut to the exact proportions we reqiure making it a truly unique and personal diamond.
To make it even more personal we can lazer inscribe the girdle with a personal message

The Process


Step 1.

Initial discussion on the phone to establish requirements and contact details.
We will email our recomendations and budget prices.
If acceptable to you we arrange a meeting at licenced diamond premises either at Main street Johannesburg or Bedfordview.
If you do not live in Guateng then we can do the whole process telephpnically and by email..


Step 2

We meet meet at one of our diamond venues to confirm your reqiurements and discuss design aspects of your piece, This step can by arrangement also take place in Cape Town or Durban


Step 3

Finalise diamond order and jewellery manufacture
Arrange and implement deilivery or pickup

JarredMorgan Ideal cut diamonds and engagement rings are known worldwide for their superior brilliance.
In South Africa the group founder John Barry while semi-retired runs a diamond procurement consultancy utilising his 50 years experience in the diamond industry to assist you. 

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